Posted by: geonarcissa | June 30, 2010

Snapshots of Bonnechere

Iris. Taken close to dusk, so adjusted the white balance to make it less blueish, then brightened it and played with the colours to bring out the purple and intensify the green.


Ripening blueberries. It was getting very dark when I took this, so I had to crank the ISO rating way up. Smoothed out the grain and played with the colours in Lightroom.


Just playing with DOF at Round Lake. This was taken in the morning just before we left Bonnechere. A couple of women were walking on the beach and stopped to chat with me about my camera.


Also taken that morning. The lake was very calm, and the clouds were reflected in it in this gorgeous way. In Lightroom I played with the colours and increased the contrast to bring out the clouds.


Lightroom is really great so far. It is much more powerful than Picasa, but much easier to use than GIMP. I won’t be getting rid of GIMP because I know it will still come in handy for some things, but I now keep Lightroom running pretty much all the time.

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