Posted by: geonarcissa | November 2, 2010

NaBloPoMo – November 1

Taking the cue from ErikaJean, I’m going to give this a shot, and I’m going to use *this* blog because it’s been neglected even more than my geocaching blog.

Lately, my spare time has been spent on photography, and processing my photography in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Here’s an example of something I did today while processing pictures I took during an Ottawa 67s vs. Peterborough Petes game we went to the other day. I wanted to give the goalie a bit more emphasis. He was already the focal point of the scene, but didn’t really stand out from the other players other than that. I used lasso to select an area around the goalie, which I turned into its own layer (and feathered the edges of the selection). I increased the colour saturation on this selection, and desaturated the background a bit.

Goaltender focus

Additionally, I used clone stamp and healing brush to remove some really obvious reflections from the plexiglass that was between me and the game (there were really obvious letters across the two players in the corner and across the ice). I also added a bit of motion blur to the two corner players.

I like the result, but next time I go to a game, I think I’ll try to sit higher up and bring a telephoto lens!

For the record, I’m a Petes fan. 🙂


  1. Good luck on the NaBloPoMo! The picture looks great!

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