Posted by: geonarcissa | December 16, 2010

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

It’s December, Ottawa is a winter wonderland, and I was tired of wearing a hat that kept slipping off. After seeing knitted hats going for $65 (!!!) at a local outdoor equipment store, I decided I would just make one. I’m pretty much a knitting n00b, but I found a pattern that was at my skill level and made myself a hat in ONE day.

camera, hat, knitting, self portrait3.jpg

I had a ton of yarn left over, so I started making mittens to match. I’m finished the first one. It might look a little stumpy, but I have very small hands so I modified the pattern just a bit to accommodate them. I plan to start the second mitten today.

december 2010, hat, knitting, mittens1.jpg

After I finished my mitten, I made a wreath. The vine wreath was on sale for $4.99 at Michael’s, and then I just used leftover Christmas decorations to decorate it.

christmas wreath, december 20102.jpg



  1. I like the colors you picked – for both things!

  2. I enjoy that we have a Winnipeg Blue Bombers themed Christmas Wreath 😀

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